We all know about the most generic checkboxes on the life plan.

You should go to college - like most people do.

You should go find a nice guy or girl and stay with him or her until the end of time - like most people do or at least try to.

You should buy a house - like most people do.

Have some kids - like most people do.

Pay off your debt - like most people do.

And then, when the kids move out and the debt is payed, you can live.

Like most people do.

Unless the converse were true.

How could you know?

The truth is you can't.

Nobody can. [That's why so few people even bother trying.]

But it's also a fact that instead of demanding certainty you could make an assumption.

That the converse really could be true.

Are you scared?

Or worried?

Or at least somewhat uncomfortable?

Well, you should be.

Because the converse is true.

If not for you, at least for some people. [i.e. exactly the ones who are not 'most people'.]

Now here's a surprise: You get to choose.

You can certainly chose to be like most people. It's easy enough that most people can.

Or you choose the converse.

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